Testimonial 1

“ As a Board member and Development Committee member, I saw LaTasha's exceptional development skills in action. She is a hard-working, strategic-thinking leader with great people skills and a drive to know her business inside and out.  She found the balance between being personable, open to new ideas and decisive about what we were able to accomplish. She has become a trusted partner on projects—one who makes it enjoyable to work hard in the common pursuit of excellence and true organizational development.”

Dana -Board Member and Development Committee Member

Testimonial 2

"LaTasha’s experience, skill, and passion for the work are evident in everything she does. From developing strategic plans, preparing for capital campaigns, to executing fundraising galas, her ability to see the big picture while not losing sight of the details that elevate the work from good to great, make her an exceptional development professional and push those around her to produce their best work as well."

Susan -Annual Fund and Alumni Relations Manager

Testimonial 3

“LaTasha’s exhibits passion that is inspiring and truly refreshing. Her dynamic ability to engage not only donors, but also everyone she works with, is a talent she has mastered well. She is strategic in her approach and always considerate of the big picture. LaTasha is a self-starter, excels at building relationships, and is sure to meet any goal set before her. Her devotion to the nonprofit field comes from a deep passion within stemmed by her eagerness to help others. Her enthusiasm for helping those in need makes her especially unique.”

Amy -Development Director

“Besides being a pleasure to work with, LaTasha is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully developed several marketing plans to increase revenue and always sees the benefits of her efforts. LaTasha is also extraordinarily helpful in other areas. In addition to writing effective marketing campaigns for fundraising programs, LaTasha always strives toward a leadership role in all meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees—myself included. I know I can call LaTasha if I need to bounce ideas off of her and to get good ideas on what next step I should take. Her level of professionalism is extraordinary, and her attention to detail, creativity and drive is contagious.”

Ashley - Development Manager

Testimonial 4